Sustainable Clothing

GV Weaves brings timeliness fashion handmade with love from 100% cotton handspun and handwoven. Our fabrics are naturally dyed and ethically sourced. You can shop with us guilt free!

Our Story

The birth of GV Weaves is influenced by the rich culture of India where environmental values aren’t taught in school but imbibed while growing up.

My husband Vikram and I belong from very different parts of India but there is one commonaility we share from our childhood, wearing hand me down clothes.

We have been raised wearing clothes than can last until you grow out of them or
through lifetimes where they can be passed down generations. When it comes to apparel, sustainability has always been ingrained as a core value so much so making it a way of life!

Our upbringing is what motivates us to join hands with the sustainable fashion industry and bring to you timeless fashion.

  • Our Fabric

    100 % Khadi
    Ethically made in India
    Naturally dyed with biodegradable and renewable dyes

  • Sustainable all the way

    Our packaging is carefully selected to use recycled and eco-friendly material. Ou tags are also repurposed as thank you notes which are handwritten on 100% recycled paper. We strive our best to not add anymore to the growing landfil.

  • How are we sustainble

    Long lasting fabric life made from 100% cotton

    Limited fabric wastage with every scrap used as belts, pockets, sleeves or masks

    Reduced environmental impact by using natural dyes and handwoven fabric instead of machine woven

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